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What Do You Want To Know About Money?


Our Mission is to provide self-service tools & the opportunity to speak with a REAL LIVE Financial Advisor, if you need help.

Clear Start Financial was founded to help you create your financial future. Each of the tools may be accessed below.

(If you have $250k or more in investable assets including your retirement plan or own a business, you may benefit from a personal consultation to help you get started. Please contact us to see how we can assist)


Download Complementary Financial Planning 101 PDF

Financial Planning

My Blocks is a service we provide to help you see the 'big picture'.  When you combine the power of having a good plan with your investment accounts, you will be more likely to pursue your financial goals.





Complimentary Financial Planning – Demo Video

Use MyBlocks to play 'what-if' scenarios for your best financial life. Tools Included: Retirement Planning, Debt Management, Budgeting, Life Insurance Needs, Inflation Effects, Savings Goals, etc.

Use Yodlee for a consolidated view of all of your accounts (checking, credit cards, 401k, other investments), so you can see your whole financial life in one place.

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Create Your Financial Plan

Digital Investment Account

Get started on your investment journey.  You will receive an investment recommendation based on YOUR goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. Regular, IRA or ROTH IRA accounts are available and you can make your first deposit electronically.  Funds from another 'like' account can also be consolidated into your new account. Your money will be invested appropriately, automatically and regularly rebalanced.



Open Digital Investment Account

Our digital investing solution allows you to invest online with; personalized proposals, customized portfolios, low-cost investments and access to a REAL Financial Advisor. Get started with only $5,000!

Open Your Own Account

Family Protection

Aim that your spouse and kids will be taken care of if you die prematurely.  You can shop for a policy and apply for the one you want. Everything is done by you electronically and no exams or lab work will be necessary.  Basic legal documents, including wills & powers of attorney, can be created for free when you purchase a policy through this site.




Protect Family & Mortgage

If something happened to you last night, how would your family pay bills, send kids to college or plan for their future? (Use MyBlocks life insurance tool to determine how much you need).  Once you are approved for an Ethos Term policy, they will provide estate planning documents like wills, trusts and powers of attorney, for FREE! 

Apply for Affordable Life Insurance

Clear Wealth Management and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services.  Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.